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read a fucking newspaper.

- 8/05/02

on the road

a bunch of tour dates have been added on the official web site. looks like dredg will hit the road with taproot and deadsy. check out those dates and catch dredg!

- 7/30/02


the release date for el cielo has been pushed to october 8th. this date also tentative. thanks prp.

- 7/16/02

el cielo / streetwise

a tentative date has been set for el cielo : october 1st. in september, same ol' road is expected to be released as the first single off the album.

dredg is a featured act on the new streetwise dvd series available in stores now. the dvd has music and video from dredg along with many other bands.

- 7/04/02


the epk has been released for el cielo, check it out in windows media or real video.

- 7/02/02

taking a leak

a message has been posted on the official dredg site regarding the download of new songs prior to their official release. check it out.

- 6/22/02

top single

in germany, 'of the room' has dredg ranked 5th on a chart for the top singles in the month of june. 'of the room' was released on 'extended play for the eastern hemisphere' exclusively in europe. check out the chart here.

- 6/21/02

Rumors and Stuff

Nothing right now.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!